I usually don’t follow celebrity news and gossip but….no, I’m lying, I sometimes indulge in the latest Kardashian news. Anywho, I was reading about the news of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey getting a divorce and I was really shocked and a little sad for them. It’s like only yesterday I saw Nick giving an interview about feeling lucky because Mariah was his dream girl and he’s loved her for years before they started dating. I was super happy for them when they had their little twins and was genuinely rooting for them as a couple. I remember another interview where Nick mention that Mariah felt like he wasn’t there for her while she was pregnant with the twins and Nick said, and I quote, “”No matter how much you do I guess you could have always done more.” and I thought, “Oh ok, lot’s of couples have this type of disagreement at some point in their relationship, right?” I guess Mariah felt like Nick should have been home more. I don’t know. It’s no secret that Mariah is worth a gazzillian dollars and people labeled Nick as a ‘trophy husband’. Of course that can do major damage to a man’s ego so I partly agree with Nick working to earn ‘his own’ money but I also sympathize with Mariah wanting him home more, especially since he really doesn’t need to work so much.

What would you give up for your relationship? Me personally, I feel like I’ve gone through something similar. Before I moved overseas I was a single mom and sole provider for my two kids. Then I got married and my husband and I both decided that I’d be a stay-at-home mom. My ego took a major hit going from breadwinner to dependent but I pushed through anyway Why? Because I love my husband and kids and I knew that this was the best thing for our family. because sure I don’t earn money for the family right now but having the privilege to be here and fully offer my time and love and care to them is priceless. I know for men it’s completely different but if I was Nick and I had the opportunity to live happily ever after with my dream girl and my little kids and frolic in the sun all day you bet your sweet ass that’s what I’d be doing, not nursing my ego and spending days and maybe weeks at a time away from my family because society says a man should be bringing home he bacon. Fuck what society says!