For those who know me know that I just LOVE music. if you were to ever bump into me on the street there’s a 99% chance that I’ll be wearing ear buds. I just can’t get enough. Here are some of the songs I’ve been obsessed with this week.

I really love this song because it puts me in a good mood every time I hear it


I ,usually, am not exactly fond of slowed down music or as they call it in ‘down south’ USA “Screwed and Chopped”. However; to be fair this isn’t exactly…well, that. Anyway, I digress, you’ll have to listen to know what I mean.


I’ll have to admit, this next one makes even ME blush. Ah well, sometimes a girl needs to unleash her inner stripper.


Can you tell by now that I’m a bit of a Soundcloud addict?


Seriously, quit playin’! THIS is my JAM! I’m not even joking. I once had this song on repeat for like 5 hours.


There you go. You’re welcome!