This was me last summer in all my long-haired, relaxed glory. I’m not one of those women who decided to go natural because of some big movement or because my relaxed hair started breaking off. I’ve been relaxing my hair for 17 years and I absolutely loved it. It continued to grow long and thick and never failed me. I’ve only gotten my hair relaxed at a hair salon once ever in my life and that was my very first at the age of 13. My dad decide to get my two sister’s and I relaxed for the first time one weekend. However, I’ve been generally doing my own hair since age 11 because my mom was not very hair savvy at all. I don’t do hair salons because I don’t like the idea of a person who doesn’t know me or my hair touch, cut, dye, fry, etc my hair. That and the countless horror stories I’ve heard. Namely the ones about going to the salon for a trim and the stylist cutting several inches off.

So…I got my last relaxer on Christmas Eve 2014. On Jan 25, 2015 I was ready to touch up my new growth (yes, I touched up my roots about every month or so). Looking in the mirror and combing my hair through I thought to myself, “Hmm, wonder what would happen if I just let it grow.” And so I did. Instead of putting that relaxer in I decided cut off two inches (don’t know why I did that), flat-twisted my hair and went to bed. These are the results of my twistout the next morning.20150125_111538


Every few days over the next month I continued to flat twist my hair at night because I just absolutely loved the look. However I noticed something that I didn’t like. While twisting my hair wet my natural hair held strong but the relaxed part kept tangling really badly and I noticed the telltale snapping sounds (my relaxed hair breaking off) as I detangled it with my fingers mid-twist! Oh HELL no! So…when I noticed this I came up with a solution. Twist/braid my hair dry, tie off the ends, spray generously with water, smooth on leave in conditioner, roll ends up with flexirods or perm rods. Worked like a charm, no more of my precious hair breaking! ūüėÄ

Feb 21, 2015, wash day! For the first time I noticed my hair growth, I had little S’s and O’s! I was beginning to get excited.20150221_173228


After my wash I ¬†set my big chop date for ¬†New Years Day 2016. I also¬†decided that I was going to gradually cut off an inch of relaxed hair with every inch I grew out. That way the big chop wouldn’t be so traumatizing for me. This day I cut off another inch. Next I flat ironed my hair for the first time since starting my transition. It didn’t even last an hour because I’d started to sweat. Total fail.20150224_110616


*sigh* It was good while it lasted.

Mar 20, 2015 I decided to try to flexirod my whole head. Why does no one ever talk about how uncomfortable it is to sleep with flexirods in your hair????20150320_233059


And tadaaaa! I LOVE the flexirod look! It was a major hit!20150321_141534



Apr 6, 2016 I realized that I was quickly approaching the awkward stage of my transition I had a good 2 inches of new growth and since I sweat a lot flat ironing my hair would be pointless so I decided to braid it up in Senegalese twists.20150406_11083620150418_213054

Now unfortunately I have a very dry scalp that flakes if I don’t wash it every week or so. Oiling it only seems to hold the flakes together better haha! I don’t know what the deal is. So, for that reason I am only able to keep braids in my hair for about two weeks at the most. ¬†After I took them out I wanted to try bantu knotting my hair. It was my first time doing it and I ended up knotting them way too tight and had a terrible night of sleep and even more terrible headache in the morning. But the results OMG!20150428_091243


And after more separating and more fluffing! 20150430



So far so good! I will keep updating as I progress further!